Menzo Menjunjes


Creative, restless, dreamy and delirious.

  Menzo is the alter ego of a multifaceted artist hard to classify. Clown, street perfomer, writer and cultural agent Menzo Menjunjes borned at the age of 0 years old in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Actualy lives in Barcelona.

In  the lately 2000  began to juggle in Cid Campeador, Bs As. The  corners of his city were his first stage. Tireless traveler, lover of the challenges and the unknown worlds, his  street show "Menjunjes" is the result of nearly 12 years of travel, study, meetings and street experimentation throughout the world. 

Menzo Menjunjes has also a big production as writer. Edit by himself fanzines, magazine and small books who collect cronicles, poetrys, songs and histories who tell the experience of his travel and many reflexion about his work as street perfomer. In 2016 edit his first book “Malabardo and his wandering circus”, a novel about a travel in bicicle for Colombia and Venezuela.

“Radio Demenzial is his musical and comedy proyect where write original lirycs, sing and makes caracthers.

As  independient producer has a lot of experience. Is one of the creators of Festi Sheca, Festival de Circo y Artes Callejeras, Buenos Aires and help in many diferents eventes in Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Uruguay.


Menjunjes/ street clown show


Menjunjes is a Strange medley. A caotic dance.  A mad wilness. Menzo is a clown irreverent and provocative, that invites us to transform the everyday public spaces and those who pass spontaneously creating comic situations. Menjunjes is a  one man show, without word, unique and unrepeatable. Play, improvisation and complicity with the public are the key to create a festive atmosphere  full of communion and happiness. 

Has been performed in more than 70 Internacional Street, Theatre and Circus Festivals in more than 28 countries. Also has appeared spontaniouly in more then 150 cities.

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